Biowaste production is estimated to be 120 million tonnes per year in the EU alone, increasing by 10% each year. At least 40% of this is landfilled or incinerated with only 25% energy recovery, due to a lack of alternatives.

When the Portuguese supermarket chain Continente looked for ways of reducing their operating costs and tackling their carbon footprint, the Flexibuster™ technology provided the answer to the questions they were asking.

José Fortunato, Director of Sonae MC, Portugal commented “the investment in this pioneering waste-to-energy project reflects Continente’s relentless focus on adopting sustainable development measures. We believe in a green economy and the efficient long-term use of natural resources.”

In a year: Waste 216t | Electricity 88,000 kWh | Heat 158,000 kWh | Fertiliser 180t

The multi-award winning Flexibuster™ technology deployed at the Continente supermarket is designed to turn food waste into energy right at the point where the waste is generated and the energy required. Once installed, Flexibuster™ can process between 500kg and 3000kg of waste per day, reducing the cost of waste transport and disposal whilst generating clean energy in the form of electricity and heat that will help reduce overhead operating costs.